#11 Czech M53/80 Late Cold War Helmet


It's time for me to do a little bit of culling. The last great exodus took place in 2004. The collection has grown again and space is becoming a factor as well as my wife patience. Over the next few weeks I will be doing some thinning. Be sure to come back weekly for some new bitter sweet culls.

Also feel free to comment, add or detract from my description. I'm a collector and not a dealer. If we can learn form each other it'll make this experience all the better.

Throughout the twentieth century Czechoslovakia could always have been counted on to be produce and supply small arms for anyone who wanted them, helmets not excluded. The quality was always first class. This helmet in particular was of the highest quality. Patterned after the Soviet Ssh39, the M53 was a much better version and became the most popular helmet in the Soviet sp of influence. Used at home until the mid 1990s it was widely exported to Africa, The Middle East and Asia . Today it's still one of the most prolifically used helmets of the third world. For example, you can see these on the nightly news when watching stories form Afghanistan .

In 1980 they were given an upgrade by way of a four point chinstrap. This one is in near mint, un-issued condition and is dated 1984.

Anyway, I'm pulling this one
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