11 Metalars Pewter Plates - 10.5" Made in Italy

For your consideration is eleven (11) Metalars Pewter plates made in Italy and purchased at Neiman Marcus. The plates are 10.5" in diameter. Each plate weighs approximately 1.54 pounds each and a total weight of 17 pounds for all 11 chargers. I have tried to show the group pictures of the fronts and the back. I have also broken down in smaller groups the fronts and the back. There are three that have more wear than the others and I have done individual pictures of those three. Also, the plates are in the same order front and back - for the picture I just turned the plates over. You can see on the back some still have the Neiman Marcus stickers - some has the NM stickers but name is worn off. The Metalars stickers are on the back of some and the place where the stickers were with the prices. If you are interested and need individual plate pictures, please contact me and we can work out a way for me to e-mail those to you. These have been used years ago. I can tell you that they have not been used in the past 20 years.

I was told that these were chargers but most dinner plates are the same size as these items. Looking closer they do appear like they have been eaten off with scratches and marks. I have tried to capture this but if we need to do individual pictures for your prior to purchasing please ask and I will be glad to
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