#11-near 4 margins-razor impression-*Rare* blue U. of Virginia cancel *Rare*

I will now list a group of "fancy/interesting cancels". The stamps are primarily offered for the value and appeal of the cancellation. Any notable damage I will point out, as I will likewise any major positive attributes to the stamp. This stamp, cancel, and tying piece make for a nice little piece of history. ...notice not only the cancel, but the centering of the stamp!... This is a truly premium quality item. I will continue to list major faults as I discover them - lt. thin noted on reverse. If the back of a stamp is not shown, assume it is clean or anything notable would be mentioned. This stamp is as beautiful, if not more so in your actual "tongs". Please remember to check our other listings, and thanks for looking. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.