11 Old Milk Bottles

The Milk Bottles listed below have no chips or cracks, only some scratches.

"Mass. T Seal" in circle, "Half Pint Liquid" "Westwood farm Aberdeen Md " in circle with diamond in center. "One Quart liquid" above circle "Lewes Dairy" in circle, "Half Pint Liquid" above circle "Chestnut Farms Chevy Chase Dairy Washington , D.C. , Safe Milk for Babies!" On the bottom, "Pat. 1528480 Mar. 3, 25. Also on bottom: an oval on a diamond with a 17 on the left and a 1 on the right. "Losten's Dairy" embossed twice on the shoulder. Around the bottom "Sealed T (with an M and a C on the left and right of the T), "One Quart", Liq.-X M2107", "2 Reg.", " Chesapeake City ". Two identical bottles . "Wakefield Model Farms Dairy" embossed twice on shoulder. "Reg. Sealed BA" and " One Pint Liquid" around bottom. "2482-1 B 53" embossed underneath. Printed in red on the side "Grover's Dairy, Heightstown Guernsey". On the other side printed in red Golden Guernsey Milk, Homogenized Milk, Cottage Cheese, chocolate milk, Buttermilk, Sweet Cream, Sour Cream". Around the bottom "Half Pint Liquid, Registered Sealed BA". Underneath "3016-2 B 56" Around the shoulder "Borden's Burlington , N.J. " Around the bottom "One Quart, Liq. 280, 2 Rec., "Sealed T (with an M and a C on the left and right of the T) S" Around the shoulder "Arlington County Dairy", "ACD Safe
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