11 Piece Capitol Airlines Flight Kit -Time Table - 1951

This is an auction for an 1eleven piece Flight Kit issued to passengers boarding Capitol Airlines flights. It appears to date from 1951. The cover of the three panel packet that the informatin and brochures were placed in proclaims "23 Years if Public Service" and "420 Flights Daily Between 75 Major Cities". On one side of this packet is the cover as shown, a Capitol Airlines route map, and advertising for Capitol Airfreight and leting you know that you could rent an aircraft for private parties or special flights. On the inside three panels are listings of general information of importance to the traveler in the plane (pillows, blankets, magazines, meals, smoking, seat belts, funny sounds, lost and found, waiting, etc.). T is also advertising for Eagle Clothes. Inside this packet is a Capitol time table with a cover advertising Vacation Variety (Niagra Falls, Virginia Beach, Great Smokies, Miami Beach, and Michigan). The back cover has an ad for Hartmann Skymate Luggage of Racine, Wisconsin. Inside are 14 panels of arrival and departure information, advertising, and general information. T is a "Millionaires Vacation" on a Piggy Bank Budget! brochure. This is a 14 panel itme with b/w photos of Capitol planes and happy vacationers in Miami, Miami Beach, Havana, Nassau, Jamaica, and Mexico, fare information, etc. Next, is an eight ... read more