11 Vintage Glass Clip-on Birds, Spun-Glass Tails

Variety of Christmas birds. Some have clips that look old. One clip looks more modern. I don't know how old these birds are. If anyone can help, I would appreciate knowing.
Four of the birds have spun-glass tails; one is a pale green.
Three have tails made of something that feels more like fishing line than spun glass. It looks similar but doesn't have the springiness and flow of the glass.
The pink one with wire trim has a wire tail.
Three have no tails, but included is a package of "tail" material, which is not spun glass.
Some of the tails are loose; they fall in or fall out. I'm not sure how they were meant to stay on, but I think they could use some glue. Otherwise, the condition is good.
Iam selling a number of old Christmas ornaments, many of which came frommy grandparents who emigrated from Sweden at the turn of the last century. I am sure that they accumulated ornaments throughout their lives; some are newer than others, but they're all pretty old.