11.5" Wooden Hand Carved Santo Religous Saint STATUE St. Francis Antique? Signed

This is a St. Francis Santos out of an estate in New Mexico, I don't know the age, but it appears to be old, it has a lot of wear where your hands and fingers would rub if you were holding it. It may have been in a niche in a home, but it has a tiny hole in the back up high as if it was to be hung on a wal;.. It is between 11-12 inches tall and the base is 5-75 inches across. It appears to have been carved from one split piece of wood that the log or limb would have been maybe 5 inches in diameter. It is heavy and weighs about 1.5 pounds. Wood is incredibly dense and I can't identify it, my best guest would be something like cottonwood. This was used by so many Kachinas and Santos carvers in the southwest, but hard to get now. St Francis is holding a bird and it looks like the head of the bird may have paint rubbed smooth.. and there is similar smoothness on the left hand. It appears to have been handled and rubbed quite a bit. All wear places are in places if you were holding it your hands and or fingers would fondle it. An excellent piece for your collection or for your devotion. I really can't peg exactly how old this is, so I put a "?" mark in the title after the word "Antique, " I didn't ask at the estate auction, some other items in the auction seemed to date back to the 1920s.
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