Union Pacific 4-8-4 FEF-3
Last of the Great Steam Locomotives
Between 1937 and 1944, in a series of three classes, Union Pacific received its entire line of 45 Alco-built FEF 4-8-4 "Northern" locomotives. Famous for high speed passenger service, these 4-8-4 bullets pulled Union Pacific trains like the Overland Flyer, Portland Rose, and Challenger at speeds as high as 100 mph. Displaced by the arrival of diesel locomotives in the mid 1950's, many FEF steam locomotives quickly "met the cutting torch," while others were reassigned to freight service, where they continued to haul loads at record speeds.
One special Union Pacific Northern still operates today: the legendary #844 FEF-3 4-8- 4. This engine holds the distinguished honor of being the only steamer never retired by a North American Class I railroad, and the last steam locomotive ever built for the Union Pacific. Still used for company and public excursions, it is kept at the Union Pacific engine house in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Now the legendary #844 FEF-3 (Four-Eight- Four, Series 3) locomotive is offered by Lionel. It is made from all-new tooling, and comes equipped with the LEGACY Command Control System,LEGACY RailSounds, and prototypically accurate detailing and decoration. The Lionel FEF-3 locomotive is available in two classic schemes: black with a light

FEATURES: LEGACY Control System equipped-able to run in LEGACY Control mode, in TrainMaster Command Control mode, or in Conventional mode with a standard transformer Odyssey II Speed Control with ON/OFF switch LEGACY RailSounds sound system featuring:
- CrewTalk dialog and TowerCom announcements, each with different scenarios depending on whether the locomotive is in motion or stopped
-Five official railroad speeds with CrewTalk dialog
-DynaChuff synchronized chuffing that shifts through 15 levels of intensity as the locomotive gains speed
-LEGACY "Real-Time Quilling Whistle" control with instant response for realistic signature "quilling" and correctly timed warning signals
-Single hit or continuous bell sounds
-Realistic operator-controlled effects, including the water injector
-Independently adjustable volume control-use the Remote Controller to lower the level of background effects such as chuffing while keeping operator controlled effects such as the whistle at full volume FatBoy speaker for the ultimate in sound reproduction High-torque Pittman® motor with momentum flywheel Wireless Tether connection between locomotive and tender Directional lighting including operating headlight, red emergency light, and back-up light Illuminated classification and marker lights Illuminated number boards Die-cast metal locomotive body, frame, and trucks Scale front coupler with interchangeable O gauge coupler for double-heading Electro-Coupler on rear of tender Traction tires Synchronized fan-driven smoke unit with adjustable smoke output Separately applied metal details Accurate separately-applied builder's plates Opening roof hatch "Elephant ear" smoke deflectors on sides Illuminated cab interior Cab window glass Engineer and fireman figures Die-cast metal tender body and trucks Individually opening tender water hatches reveal easy-to-access RailSounds controls

Union Pacific 4-8-4 Northern FEF-3 (Black) #844

Gauge: Standard O
Minimum Curve: O-72
Dimensions: 28 3/4”

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