117 Card Pokemon Near Complete BOUNDARIES CROSSED Set+DITTO+CELEBI EX Rare Holo

You are bidding on a near complete base set of 115 Pokemon cards from the BOUNDARIES CROSSED expansion, plus two additional EX cards from the set . These cards are in near mint to mint condition, which is the highest grade I give. They have been removed from their original packaging. This set totals 117 cards with 2 EX cards, and includes 18 holos and reverse holos, and a total of 27 rares. It is just a few cards short of a complete base set . Some key cards in this set include CELEBI EX, CRESSELIA EX, Dusknoir, Ditto rare reverse holo, White and Black Kyurem, Keldeo, Tangrowth, Victini, Scolipede, Electivire, and Unfezant. There are no duplicates in this set. The full card listing is below.

No. Card name Type Rarity 1/149 Oddish 2/149 Gloom 3/149 Vileplume 4/149 Bellossom 5/149 Tangela 6/149 Tangrowth 7/149 Scyther 8/149 Heracross 9/149 Celebi-EX 10/149 Shaymin (reverse holo) 11/149 Snivy 12/149 Servine 14/149 Cottonee 15/149 Whimsicott (reverse holo) 16/149 Petilil 17/149 Lilligant 18/149 Charmander 19/149 Charmeleon 21/149 Numel 22/149 Camerupt (reverse holo) 23/149 Victini (reverse holo) 24/149 Tepig 25/149 Pignite 27/149 Darumaka 28/149 Darmanitan 29/149 Squirtle 30/149 Wartortle 32/149 Psyduck 33/149 Psyduck 34/149 Golduck 35/149 Golduck (reverse holo) 36/149 Marill 37/149 Azumarill 38/149 Delibird 39/149 Oshawott
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