118 Card Topps Hall of Fame Lot 1975-81 Rookies Rose Munson Ryan Gibson Yount

No reserve! 118 Card Hall of Fame and Star Lot from the mid to late 70's

1975 #s 50,580,3,180x2,530,2,130

1976 #s 365,10x2,230,365,48,340,405,270,600,340,480,355x3,19,325

1977 #s 285,319,523x2,635,580,600,476,60,110,280,210,10,295,523,152,615,150,140,525,100,560,319,460

1978 #s 100x7,72x2,707,360,6

1979 #s 670x4,700x5,100x14,340x2,50

1980 #s 700,358,265,270,500,393,610,232,160,590,720,650,274,245,230,100,651,290,371,40,220,406,450,1,265,335,600,280,540

1981 #s 700,600

The cards will come with their own individual card saver or top loader pictured. Thank you.

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