12 x 15 Slingerland marching tom 1950-53 with Radio King calf

Slingerland 12" deep x 15" round. Still has the original Radio King bottom calf head with no holes or tear. Top head is a 70s Rogers in used condition. Original bearing edges look just fine. Typical tank like construction of this Radio King Sligerland era. Nickel hardware needs a good cleaning. I have not restored this drum. One vintage web site said this badge was used in 1951 as the medium size oval of the time. Another read this badge was used from 1950-1953 only. Original finish has been removed, not by me, and then painted as shown. See all large pics. The only holes in the shell, aside from the lugs, are from a key holder that is no longer there. Other than that complete as shown. Buyer to add $30.00 in US. International and Canada email for a shipping quote. I do not use the ebay calculator.