12,500,000 dinar price option, (25,000 x 500) 10 days. 12.5 million dinar

Hello and thanks for looking at this auction! Please read the entire description, as it contains important information all the way through.
This is for a 10 day option to buy 12,500,000 dinar, with a price guarantee of $22,487.50. Thats your price regardless of what the dinar is worth at that time. If it revalues, 12,500,000 dinar could be worth a fortune. The contract starts as soon as the auction ends, and lasts for exactly 10 days.
As a bonus, the price you pay for this option can be deducted from the final price of the dinar, should you decide to buy them!
The picture you see is not a stock photograph; its part of my actual dinar collection, and anyone who currently has this same picture on their auction has taken it from me.
Why buy from me? Because I actually have dinar to sell you. Folks, easily half of the people selling dinar options on here have no dinar to sell, or at best, have only a few million, even though they optioned off hundreds of millions worth of dinar. Should it revalue, you wont be getting anything from them. They need to have the dinar on hand in order to sell you optons on it. Dont let them tell you "I can get it" or "I have an exclusive deal with a reputable broker" or anything else. If they can get it after it revalues, so can you , and you're buying contracts from them that are
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