12-bass Luigi Fratellini Piano Accordion

This is an old piano accordion which has not been played for some time.

The bass buttons all work, but some of the reeds flap badly making a buzzing noise when they are played. All the treble keys sound, but again there are a few rattles. The bellows work, but there is at least one leak as you can move the bellows without pressing in the air key.

Some of the veneer is missing around the bass side (on the side nearest your body) which does not affect the tone or the appearance of the instrument when playing. The felt along the front side of the piano keyboard could do with replacing as it looks a bit tatty, but again, this doesnâ� ™t affect the instrument more than cosmetically.

This instrument would be ideal for someone wanting to have a go on a piano accordion or someone who wants to learn about accordion maintenance. Iâ� ™m sure with a few basic skills it can be restored to a better playing condition â� “ we just donâ� ™t have the time to keep on top of everything!

It does NOT come with a hard case, but will be securely packed in a strong cardboard box for posting, or collection is welcomed.

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