12 Burger King Disney Glasses from 1994 - Complete set all are NEW IN BOXES


Twelve (12) Burger King Disney Glasses


four (4) Pocahontas "Colors of the Wind" Collection


Eight (8) Disney "Collector Series"

I collected these when they came out to give to my two daughters, but they are not into disney as much as I was back then so its time to give them a good home. They are still in their original boxes and the boxes are in very good condition. I never took them out of the boxes to display them, they just sat in a glassed in cabinet for a few years before they got packed away and put in storage.

The sets include:
Pocahontas Colors of the Wind Collection (4 glasses)
Pocahontas & John Smith
Powhatan & Kocoum
Governor Ratcliffe & Percy
Meeko & Flit

Disney Collector Series (8 glasses)
Beauty and the Beast
Jungle Book
Lion King
Peter Pan
Snow White

*A great christmas gift for the disney collector*

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