Welcome to our E-Bay On-line golf ball outlet. Esm-Kristi Inc. is one of the largest golf ball recovery companies in the USA. We are affiliated with over 150 of the top golf courses in the midwest and process over 1 million golf balls every year. We have recently started to sell direct to you. We have grown to the size we have because we have provided our client courses with the best service, and we work with the highest levels of integrity. Our client courses have found this to be a refreshing change in the recovery business, we thought this would be a welcome change in the on-line selling of golf balls too.

Because we process so many balls our selection is the best available on E-Bay. We ship thousands of balls to our bulk buyers every month. We are the source pulling the balls directly from the course and pull our inventory for sale first, the rest get processed for sale to our competitors.

This listing is for 12 of the Callaway HX HOT. This listing is for the newest generation of this great golf ball used by many players who want both performance and playability. This listing is for balls produced from 2007 through the current model in 2011. This listing is all grade one product, our best.

RATING SYSTEM - Please read this area carefully. We have tried to simplify this part of the game to insure there
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