12 Charles Wysocki Plates Country Corners & Folktown

12 whimsical plate shaped like storefronts. Charles Wysocki plates, 2 sets of 6.

Set 1. Country Corners

1. Old Time Antique Shop

2. Tick Tock clock Shop

3. Shaves and Haircuts

4. Peter's Grocery

5. Grain, Feed and Seed

6. Iggie's Extracts

Set 2. Folktown

1. Birdie's Perch Coffee Shop

2. the Quilt Ladies Social club

3. Chips and Felts

4. The Town Florist

5. The Sweet Shop

6. The Stoolpidgeon Gossip Shop

All Bradford Exchange plates are individually numbered, limited to 95 firing days.

All are in their syrofoam packaging and come complete with their certificates of authenticy.

I will ship in 2 boxes.