12 Hidden Kingdom KRINGLE HOLLOW elf village figures

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 12 Hidden Kingdom KRINGLE HOLLOW elf Miniature village figures

Hi Everyone!! we have

12 Hidden Kingdom KRINGLE HOLLOW elf village figures!

made by David Wenzel / Schmid!

these are wee tiny figures that are so charming!

the only fault is the bottom of the Basket hideaway has two scratches in the green paper backing and the styrofoam packaging has tears and pops.

"Kringle Hollow, W Santa's elves stay when they make their trek south during the Chirstmas season"

included with a very brief description of the characters in this lot is:

Pudding and Nog Pudding carefully selects the Christmas bough, while nog gathers holly berries

Snoop and Sweet Tooth helps to get everything ready for the Day of Feasting that every elf celebrates just after Christmas

Peeping Tomkins takes notes in Santa's big book if little girls and boys have been good or bad.

Duff uses a milkweed pod for the first down hill snow "slide" of the season.

Plumkin and Juniper elf elder and wife, jingle the sleigh bells and cause those magical sounds that waft through the winters silence

the Mailbox (two) holds important messages to and from Santa

Matchbox (two) perfect for storing elf collections.

Basket Hideaway Perfect elf house
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