12 Horse Prints, Morgan, Quarter Horse, Saddlebred

This is a portfolio of prints of pencil sketches by Jeanne Mellin (Herrick) all dated 1962. The collection is named "America's Own Horse Breeds". Inside the protective cover are 12 beautiful and frameable pictures of different breeds of horses including: 2 of Morgan horses, a Tennessee Walker, a parade Palomino, an American Albino, 2 of the American Saddlebred, a Standardbred, 2 of the Quarter Horse, a Pinto, and Appaloosa. The pictures measure 17" long x 11" tall. Also included is a sheet with a brief history of each of the horse breeds and a magazine article about Jeanne Mellin Herrick. Jeanne Mellin was a breeder of Morgan horses, authored 7 books about horses, in addition to being an equine artist. In later years, she sculpted horses for Breyer. The pictures are in excellent shape with the exception of the Tennessee Walking Horse and Saddlebred preparing for the show ring. Those pictures have a small light stain on the bottom but it does not extend up into the drawing. This is from my personnal collection of Morgan horse memorabilia and after collecting more than 25 years I can honestly say I have never seen anything else like it.