12 lb Rich Paydirt Bag 1-3 Grams Gold,Added and Platinum Fines&Silver Nugget FUN

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My Pay-Dirt is from the Great Blue Gravel Lead Tertiary gold-bearing gravel deposits.
Gold panning concentrates - amazingly rich paydirt! LOTS OF BLACK SANDS AND GOLD IN THIS VERY LIMITED BATCH OF PAY!!!
12 lbs HUGE bag of super fun PAY-DIRT our largest bag yet with Gold Platinum and Silver Nuggets!!
Throwing in 1-3 Grams of Gold Nuggets.Also adding 100% Natural Platinum Fines into this paydirt bag and Silver Nuggets from the Crescent Silver mine.Second picture shows what the Platinum will look like in the pan .
Before I even add the Nuggets this pay is rich in flakes fines and float Gold and even pickers.You will always find more than just Gold added in my bags of pay-dirt.Now is the time to get the best paydirt on E-bay right now right here from the Gold Miner straight to you.
This listing is for 12+ lb NUGGET BAG As much as you like by the 12 lb. Our paydirt is 100% unsearched with California Gold added to every order.
We know our paydirt is rich with Gold we have done a lot of work over the past 15 years prospecting for great rich Gold areas and we all know how much work it is but we love it the hunt and adventure is the best part.Then we bring the fun right to you.Also we will be listing paydirt for many different areas we
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