Up for bids is this large lot of buttons that I aquired from two lovely elderly ladies in their mid 90's. One was a 4-H teacher who taught sewing. Between these ladies I aquired 12 pounds of buttons in various sizes from tiny baby ones to very large (like old coats had), styles are from plain 1 - 2 & 4 hole buttons from fancy carved or cut-out ones. Many different materials some glass, wood, plastic, possibly bakelite, metal - one button looks to be made hand-made it is very crude looking "unique", others appear to look like a family crest under a bubble of glass or hard clear plastic, shell ones, and unknown materials. T are so many different colors, almost any color imaginable, solids to multi. I don't know much about button's but I enjoyed going through some for the pictures, I can tell you in the photo of the tray (with white background) t are 407 buttons (then I gave up!)!! Some are unsorted. Also t are 95 cards with buttons on them, some of the cards have only one button other's are full, not all cards shown in photo since I found more after picture was taken.

Shipping and handling to be paid by buyer. Payment due in 7 days from end of auction. Worldwide Shipping figured AFTER the auction. Thank you for looking.