In this listing you will receive 12 of the emergency blankets.

Emergency Survival BLANKET

Be Prepared!

This may save your life

• Keep a couple in your car!

• Keep them in your ATV's

• Keep them in your backpack when outdoors

• Perfect to have during events, etc.

• Provides emergency protection in all weather conditions!

• Retains body heat to keep you warm in cold climates

• Reflects sun & heat for cooling in hot climates

• Ultra compact and lightweight

• Waterproof and windproof

• Retains 90% of your radiant Body Heat

• Made of durable light weight mylar

• Small enough to fit in your pocket

• Only 4x3 inches folded (less than 1/4 inch thick)

• Unfolds to a 84 inches x 52 Inches!

• Silver on both sides

•Brand New, packaged for resale

We purchase in large volume so we can pass the savings on to our customers.

If you need a larger quantity we have 25, 100, & 200 count in our store @ a discounted price.