12 Marx Prewar 615 All Metal Trestles for Elevated Trains Big Apple/Chicago

This Buy it Now is for Each trestle. If you w ant the entire set it is $120 plus postage of about $15.00

Louis Marx grew up in New York City. The elevated trains of New York City and other cities were his inspiration for these for sturdy, all steel, elevated trestles. He was a pioneer in many things and his elevated trestles certainly found no competition in the prewar era from Lione, Dorfan, Ives, American Flyer or others at the time.

The Number 615 Trestles will elevate the tracks over other tracks, streams, and roads. Permits trains operating on two levels. Each trestle is about 4-5 inches high and about 6 1/2 inches wide.. They will work with Lionel 0-27 track for Lionel O27, junior, and even O gauge trains. Makes a nice contrast and allows for overhead operation.

All are complete. They are in good condition . There is no rust, just some use. They are clean.

They are well constructed and complete and are in good condition.

Let your trains soar to their heights with these prewar trestles by Louis Marx and Company.

Postage is an estimate. I only charge actual postage. Hi, Postage is estimate. Probably all 12 could be sent for 15.0 0. I will charge only actual postage for them, no matter how many you buy.

Have Fun!