12" Native American Made Elk Hide Hand Drum William Lattie Cherokee Cert of Auth

Native American 12" Elk Hide Hand Drum made on Maple Frame
William Lattie, Cherokee, Welling, OK., Drum comes w/ Williams Certificate of Authenticity
The 12" Elk Hide Hand Drum pictured is the Drum you will receive if purchased.
William has made this Drum with a 4-directions handle, which he has wrapped with Tobacco Deer Leather, this is for comfort when playing. The ties coming off of the 4-directions handle are left long enough so that you can decorate them with feathers and beads or items of your choice, to give the Drum your own personal touch. Your Drum will also come with a beater made using the same Tobacco Deer Leather, Williams Certificate of Authenticity and Drum Care Instructions. Drum Frame is 12" x 2" deep. William takes great care in picking out which section of Hide is used on each Drum he makes.
William makes Hand Drums from 10" to 20" using both Maple and Cedar frames. Hides used are Deer, Elk, and Buffalo.
Powwow Drums come in sizes 26", 28" and 30", Hides used are Buffalo, and Moose. Rings for Powwow Drums are Maple Wood. Powwow Drums are by special order only.
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