12 ONZA 12 ounces Pure Silver Proof 1787-1987 200th Anniversary US Constitution

This. Is. Huge.
1987 Mexico 12 Onza, Proof ultra (ultra ultra) deep black and white cameo.
Salute to the USA constitution in honor of the 200th anniversary of its ratification. The Obverse features a stunning deep-dish 3-D depiction of Franklin, Washington, and Jefferson at a table. Reverse shows the classic money press from the mint in Mexico city you've seen depicted for decades (but NEVER like this!).
� In my opinion, the reverse steals the show. You've seen the money press before, but you've NEVER seen that press displayed until you've seen it THREE INCHES across in massive 3-D detail!
This is an official Mexico Mint item, catalog X# MB39. I believe it's one of in not the only 12 Onza ever made, with a � mintage of only 250 pieces, of which this is #220. NGC has only graded 1 of these massive and incredibly rare pieces (PF64DCAM). Can you imagine a modern US release of only 250 pieces?
Gorgeous original real wood silk-lined display box with imprinted Mexico Mint mint mark, and original heavy-duty "Capitol Holder"-style inner frame, likewise imprinted with the Mexico City mint mark. Original matching Certificate of Authenticity, again emblazoned with the mint mark.�
NOTES: There is a very small, very light whisp of hairlines on the obverse above Washington, only visible under bright overhead light.
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