12 postcards vietnam first infantry division 1st unused

This auction features 12 unused postcards, first infantry division, vietnam. The backs of the postcards have the following descriptions: one of the first division's M-48 tanks; Troops from the 2d Battalion, 18th infantry and the 1st Battalion, 28th infantry are airlifted into blocking positions; I"M A WOMAN sang the Dynamic Barbara McNair during the Bob Hope Christmas show; The RTO provides the vital communications necessary to the infantry platoon; The CH-54 performs vital re-supply positions; An armored personnel carrier moves through the jungle in search of the enemy; The pacification program is just as important as the fighting war to the men of the 1st infantry division; The 1st Infantry Division's Chris Noel; In memory of teh three veterans of the Vietnam War; The 8th Battalion, 6th Afty's big 8 incher as seen through a starlight scope, conducts a nightly program of harassment and interdiction fire; The Rome plows of the 1st Division 1st Engineer Battalion clear vast areas of enemy jungle; and lastly The 1st Infantry Divison's memorial chapel at Dian. See pics.