12" Professional Floor Monitor PA Speakers-NEW! CGM EAI


EAI 12" Pro Floor Monitor Speakers - NEW!

The Industry Standard in 12" Floor Monitors

(Formerly produced under the CGM label)
These are one of the best values on the planet in floor monitors. Made in the USA by Engineered Audio International using quality components, they compare very favorably with speakers costing easily twice the price. They feature a true compression driver with metal horn (not a piezo tweeter), an overload protection circuit, and they sound truly great! .

We have been using these in our touring and hire PA systems for several years, and found them to be very reliable.


12" Stamped Basket Eminence Speaker
2" Voice Coil
200 Watts RMS
400 Watts Program
4"x10" Compression Horn
1" Compression Driver
Replaceable Diaphragm
8 ohm impedence
60 Hz - 16 kHz Frequency response
102 db Sensitivity
Two Parallel 1/4" Inputs
Full metal face grille
Measures 22 3/4" H x 15" W x 12 1/2" D
38 lbs each

is a testimonial from a recent buyer:

Hi Lewis,
Yeah, I love the monitors you sold me. This last weekend I put them up
as two mono monitors for lead singer and guitarist Jim Salestrom
(several years with Dolly Parton's band, etc.) and he thought they
sounded great. (I used just
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