12 Set Heavy Gold Rim Crystal Cordial Stems PERFECT

You are bidding on one of 4 different sets of 12 crystal stems in this auction. Each set has 12 stems. Each is the same pattern. T are 12 martini, 12 liquor , 12 wine , and 12 cordial stems. Look at the auction, each is listed separatly. The pattern is unknown but it has heavey gold rim with flower and vine pattern, and another gold band beneath the rim and followed by a gold band encircling the bottom. The martini stems measure 6 1/8 in. tall by 4 in. across the top., the liquor stems measure 6 in. tall by 2 1/2 in. across the top, the cordial stems measure 4 1/8 in. tall by 1 7/8 in. across the top. and the wine stems measure 4 7/8 in. tall by 3 inches across the top. Each measurement is from the top to the bottom of the stem. Each stem is in absolutely perfect condition. Each set will be carefully packed but I can not and will not guarantee breakage, but they will be insured accordingly. This is one beautiful set of crystal each set will be sold separately in sets of 12.