12 Spruce Goose H-4 Flying Boat 35 mm Slides S3

This auction is for 12 Original 35 mm Color Slides that I took of the Howard Hughes Spruce Goose flying boat. (NX37602). These were taken in Oct 1980 when the aircraft came out of storage. It had never been publicly seen since November 2, 1947 the day of its only flight. I was able to talk my way on to the top of a warehouse on the other side of the harbor that gave me a great view of this once in a lifetime event. I used a Sony digital camera to take these pictures of the slides.

1. Out of the warehouse the aircraft is waiting to be lifted out of the water by the worlds largest crane. You can see "Herman the German" the crane that was captured from the Germans after WW II in the right hand side of the slide. At first I thought,"That plane isnt all that big." BUT look at the people on the wings.

2. In the early morning all that could be seen was the tail sticking out of the back of the warehouse.

3. The front of the warehouse had to be taken apart in order to remove the aircraft.

4 thru 8 Coming out into Long Beach Harbor.

9. Being moved into position to be hooked to to the crane.

10. At the end of the day. The "Spruce Goose " awaits morning when tthe aircraft will be taken to the site w it will be stored till its Museum is ready. A great spot next to the Queen Mary Cruise ship at
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