4-12-6 Union Pacific Locomotive #338 with big motor and SIT Tender

It is the American Flyer S gauge Union Pacific 4-12-6 Locomotive #338 and its SIT extended haul tender. Constructed entirely of heavy die-cast metal with steel handrails and highlighted boiler walkways. There is the big 3/4" strong running AC super motor which has new brushes and brush springs. There is a good working 4 way e-unit and a new headlamp bulb which is accessible through the removable boiler front. The 12 wheel drive running chassis features 12 brass wheel bearings for smooth running and longevity and there are Pull-mor traction tires.
The heavy die-cast metal tender has a good working completely rebuilt SIT unit installed and the smoke unit "on-off" switch is located under the tenders belly. There are polished brass pick-up wheels and a good working knuckle coupler. There are new ruby glass jewels set into the tenders marker posts. A new smoke tube and a new "Super-flex" wiring harness are installed between the locomotive and tender.
Both the engine and tender are finished in black enamel and a clear satin topcoat has been applied and is in excellent C-7 or better condition. It looks like a new engine. This magnificent engine will run on any American Flyer rail that a AF Northern/Challenger can run on. This powerful 4-12-6 locomotive runs forward and reverse and smokes like a new engine. Photos are combined

Everything about this engine and tender have been meticulously cleaned, polished and lubricated and properly reassembled. All critical electronic components have been replaced with new ones. It is a great running engine and SIT tender.

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