6-12-6 Union Pacific Locomotive with big motor and Northern SIT Tender

It is the American Flyer S gauge 6-12-6 Union Pacific #339 Locomotive and Northern SIT Tender. The boiler is all heavy die-cast metal with steel handrails. The 12 wheel drive running frame features 12 brass axle bushings for smooth running and longevity. A large 3/4 inch AC motor is the locomotives powerplant. The motor runs very strong and has new brushes and brush springs. There are PullMor traction wheels and a new headlamp bulb, which can be changed through the removable boiler front. There is a good working 4 way drum e-unit in the boiler.
The heavy die-cast big Northern tender has a completely rebuilt bellows SIT smoke unit installed in it. There is a good working knuckle coupler and all the handrails and steps are present. There is a new smoke tube and a new 'Super-flex' wiring harness is installed between the engine and tender. The engine and tender are finished in black enamel and a clear satin top coat has been applied.
This powerful 6-12-6 locomotive has been ran on regular old American Flyer tin-plate steel rail and curves and it performed admirably. It runs, reverses and smokes and it looks like a brand new engine.
The photos are combined flash/no flash to give you the best idea of how this magnificent engine looks. All questions gladly answered and I thank you for taking a look. Free insured shipping

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