Why buy them 1 OR 3 sheets at a time. They were issued to us or sold at cash sales in a package of six sheets. This is for 1 complete UNOPENED package of six large Marine Corps emblems with the USMC's, for the utility shirt and the six smaller emblems for the utility cover for a total of 12 individual transfers with the regulation instructions (Sateen OG-107). Also in the package is the cardboard in the shape of the utility shirt pocket to insert inside before application. The package was changed and the cardboard pocket inserts were omitted in 1977. The inside instruction sheet is dated 1975, and the package is dated 1976. Some packages came with the company logo on the front (As pictured), and some came without, but the 1975 dated instructions and the cardboard insert are t The mfg., Ken Nolan Inc. is out of business and t will not be anymore of these made. (If you want the instructions for the USMC regulation application to the Vietnam OD Jungle Rips-Stop poplin, poplin rip-stop uniforms-all patterns/variations, Vietnam ERDL, post Vietnam Marine Corps ERDL 1976, Woodland Camo early and Rip-Stop, 1st-2nd Pattern "Chocolate-Chip" Desert Three-Color camouflage utilities you must ask for them and only then will I include them.) This is the genuine thing, not the multi national force version, or some of the unregulation reproductions

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