12 Vtg Night Before Christmas COLOR 35mm Slides 1950

12 Vtg Night Before Christmas COLOR 35mm Slides 1950

This is a rare find just in time for the holidays! I have searched and searched and have not found another set of these anywhere, so it is my opinion that they are rare. This is a set of 12 color slides that tell the story of Night Before Christmas . This is the edition that was illustrated by Louise W. Myers in 1950 by Whitman Publishing Co. These illustrations are simply adorable! I wish there was a way that I could get larger pics of them to show them to you better.

Each slide is 2” x 2” and enclosed in a sturdy, numbered cardboard frame.

I do not have a slide projector so I used a sheet of white paper, good lighting and a magnifying glass to look at each slide. Therefore, I may have missed some details, but I was able to make an overall assessment of the slides included. I also got fairly good photographs using my Macro setting on my camera.

These appear to be in very good condition. They probably need to be cleaned, but they have been stored in a clean, dry metal case so they were well cared for.

I am selling similar slides in other sets so be sure to check out my other auctions.

Slides are great for artists, ad campaigns, book cover art, CD/Album/EP covers , gifts or just to blow up into an 8x10 for the home or office.
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