12 Very Nice Wooden Cigar Boxes. (Please read the description. section.)

UP for Bid, is 12 Very Nice Cigar Boxes. There are 12 boxes, one was left out of the pictures, because it was inside a larger box. It is 1.25"x6"x4" in size. It's a slide top style in nice shape. I have 2 picture one shows them together and one shows the 3 different styles there are. I bought the boxes new with the cigars in them so they are indeed in nice shape.
On the shipping cost, I will only charge you what it cost me, up to the set price of the $16.50. If it cost me less then the set price I will discount it to the actual shipping cost including packaging. It is listed as Parcel Post, but I will ship either UPS, or Parcel Post.