120 No. 11B GE Photoflash flashbulbs PH/11B flash bulbs

Complete case of No. 11B General Electric Flashbulbs

This is a case of PH/11B Photoflash bulbs. T are 120 bulbs in this case (15 large sleeves each with 8 individually sleeved bulbs). This is new, old stock from a long closed camera store owned by a family member. This case of bulbs has been in storage for at least 35 years. I have no means of testing them, but they appear to be in brand new condition. This case must have been originally opened with a box cutter that cut a bit too deeply, as a couple of the bulb sleeves in the middle of the case have a slice in them, but that appears to be only cosmetic damage to the packaging.

You're in luck if you need a whole lot of these antique bulbs. Happy bidding!