120 Autographs Sandy Duncan Robert Vaughn Dick Sargent

This is for an originally blank notebook that Danny Franklin had various people autograph sometime during the 60's and early 70's (my guess based on the vintage of the rest of the collection) see below. Not all the signatures are photographed as I ran out of room, I think about 20. I counted 120 signatures on the first 9 and the last 4 pages. All the pages in between are still blank. He (Danny, who originally put this together) has used little sticker tags to highlight some of the names and has also penciled in with small writing some of the more hard to read names. I have a hard time reading either. Some of the names that I can decipher and have done some research are listed below. All of the signatures I have looked up match or very closely match other autographs by that same person.

For the most part I took a photo of the entire page and then a close up of a particular signature that is known. All the SPELLING is a GUESS. T are 4 on the first photo; Earl Holliman, movie and TV actor...Jonathan Winters, movie comedian...Bea Arthur, Golden Girls...Dick Sargent, Bewitched...unknown to me on the same page are Stanley Kamel and Madlyn Rhue (may be misspelled)

Next to a green tag, Lee Merriwether, 60's catwomen...some unknown to me on the same page are David Van Patten, Dick Van Patten, Mary Wickes, David?, Bert?, Fireman?

Next photo all unknown, Nad Romero, Carl Betz, Rex Reginald

Mariette Hartley, Movie and TV actor...unknown Denver Pyle, Joe Lynn, Jim Hampton

Stuart Whitman, single signature on 1 page, I think he was in western movies

All unknown on this page... Syndney?, Jackie Joseph, Dick Sargent (again) Ricky (child star), Michael Cole

Sandy Duncan TV and movie, Peter Pan, Funny Face, unknown are Doodly Weaver, Billy Hayes

Robert Vaughn, Man from Uncle...Unknown are James Beack, John Ericson, Alain De Hauer

Marvin Kaplan

Budge Ruffin, Berta Ornelas, Paul Laune, Helen Sekaguaptiwa...I Quit.

The last photograph shows the entire collection of photographs, autographs and fan club journals from mostly movie and television personalities put together between 1962 to 1972. T is also small amounts of Miss America, political and sports paper. T are more papers and photos under what you can see. Most of the autographs, correspondence and mailers are addressed to Danny Franklin, of Sunnyslope, Arizona. The majority of the material can be dated by the original mailer postmarks, magazine issues, dates listed in correspondence and calendars. I can not guaranty the signatures as some may be facsimiles from the studio but other than that, I have no reason to doubt these are original as most are not valuable enough to counterfeit. I will guaranty original vintage.

Some of the names and items that will be listed: Machenna's Gold Movie Premiere Program 1969...Rod Taylor fan club journal 1964...2 Sandra Dee fan club journals 1964...Ed Dodd, Mark Trail Comic Strip original art...Miss America autographed cards, photos, magazine 1965-66...Television Academy Awards, Bob Newhart 1972...Angie Dickenson...Bobbie Novis...Linda Kaye...Petticoat Junction...Jil St John...Norman Alley...Peg Murray...Pat Henry...Peter Breck...Ernest Borgnine...Ray Rennahan...Robert Wise...Barry Goldwater...Jack Williams...Ray Walston...Alfred Newman...Imogene Coca...Kim Novak...Ralf Nelson...Gary Wells...Denny Reed...ETC. These are the names I can read.

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