120g Peerless Sparking Gemmy Precious Red SPHALERITE

120g Peerless Sparking Gemmy Precious Red SPHALERITE Crystal!To see more excellent minerals,please enter our store Specification


Location:Guangxi Province,China

Net weight:120g

Measurement:2.5inch*1.25inch*1.5inch Sphalerite or Blende, is an important ore of zinc and can make a rather attractive cabinet specimen as well. It can have excellent luster and associates with many beautifully colored minerals making it one of the best enhancers of many fine mineral specimens.Sphalerite is one of the very few minerals that has a total of six directions of cleavage. If all of them were to be perfectly cleaved on a single crystal it would form a rhombic dodecahedron. Identifying all six directions in a single cleaved crystal is quite difficult due to the multiple twinning and the many directions. Only the fact that there is abundant cleavage at different directions can easily be seen in most cleaved specimens.Sphalerite can be difficult to identify because of its variable luster, color, abundant but obscured cleavage and crystal habits. We shoot the items by ourselves,you will recieve the exact one you are watching.


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