120th Aviation Co. Army DI DUI cb no hm

NOTE: Missing both posts. If you have any questions, please let us know. INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS: Please note that because this item is not flat, it may take extra time to pass through your country's customs. Recently we have had few items sent to Israel, Russia and Germany take over 100 days to get through customs and be delivered. We ask that you not place any bids unless you are prepared to wait and do not mind the possible delay. DI = Distintive Insignia DUI = Distinctive Unit Insignia CB= Pins and Clutches SB= Screwback PB = Pinback MIU= Made in USA For Ebay: This item is not identical to any other item that is currently listed; it is not a duplication of any other item listed under PaulsPasstime. This item is significantly different than any other item that is currently listed. The photograph shown in the listing shows the exact collectable item that will be sent to the winning bidder and this photograph is not used in any other listing under PaulsPasstime. This item is one of a kind because of it's age, wear, manufacture style, size, shape and color nuances that come from how it is made, how it's been kept and how it's been handled. This item is collectible.