#125 Victorinox Swiss Army Red Huntsman Lite Knife Barely Used

This is a very nice knife. This is a Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Lite knife. It has the red transparent handles with the white LED light.
This knife works perfectly and has a great snap. This knife is in excellent condition and appears to have been used or carried very little but please make your own assessment from the pictures. It would be very handy in your pocket or purse .
Large Knife Blade Small Knife Blade Scissors Wood Saw White LED Flashlight/Torch Screwdriver-Phillips-Inline Cap Lifter with large screwdriver & wire stripper Can Opener with small screwdriver tip Reamer/Awl Fine Screwdriver Hook Corkscrew Mini-Screwdriver (Stored in the Corkscrew) Keyring Toothpick Tweezers Straight Pin (Stored under the corkscrew) Removable Ballpoint Pen

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