13.5mm Ancient Mosaic glass bead 1400y.o.+B#176

Ancient Roman or Early Islamic Glass Bead. 13.5mm x 10.5mm . 2-6AD Was found in Uzbekistan. T are no repairs. It is chipped from one side. This glass bead shows a beautiful original patina and wear. Expected corrosion and wear are a consequence of age and extended burial.

Excellent condition for this age


I’m collecting ancient beads from 1979. Most of my beads were found in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. To be precise they were found between Mary city (Turkmenistan) and Samarkand (Uzbekistan). That area in past was called Bactria. Nowadays t are a lot of ruins older than 2000 years in this region.

I like ancient beads very much and want that other collectors will be able to obtain them without paying a lot of money. That is why my prices are very modest.

I lived in Asgabat city (the capital of Turkmenistan) over 30 years. About 15 km from Asgabat t is Nisa – former residence of Alexander the Great,and capital of Parthia.

In most cases the ancient beads, not only played the role of jewelry but also the status of the person wearing them. You were able to tell the social status of an individual based on the beads they were wearing, while other used these beads as talismans protecting themselves against bad
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