Amitabha Buddha

Height-13" Length-8.5" Width-6"
Weight: 3500 gm or 7.71 lb (approximately)
Material Used: Copper, pure 24K gold painted face
Finish: Golden and copper finish.
Handcrafted in Patan, Nepal.

This is a very beautiful 13 inch statue with 24K gold painted face and semi-precious stones on the crown. It is golden and copper finish. It is handcrafted in Patan, a historic city in Nepal by the Master Artisan the same way they have been doing for almost 300 years generation after generation.
-Amitabha Buddha
Amitabha is the most ancient Buddhas among the Dhyani Buddhas. He said to reside in the Sukhabita heaven in peaceful meditation. He is of red colour originating from the red syllable HRIH. He represents cosmic element of Sanjna (name). His vehicle is peacock. He exhibits Samahi Mudra with his two palms folded face up one on top of the other lying on his lap. He has a lotus as his sign. When represented on the stupa, he is always faces the west. He is worshipped thinking that one can have salvation, sometimes holding a Patra on the same posture. His female is Pandra. Amitabha denotes "Boundless light" or Incomprehensible.

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