13 Full Cord Tour Wrap Golf Grips (FFC-03)

13 Full Cord Tour Wrap Golf Grips (FFC-03)

Is it time to REGRIP those old worn out iron & wood grips still on from last year?? Start the season off right with this exceptional deal. Get them while they last......

These were a special make up grip that has the word " Tour Cord" as the logo. The original black is a favorite among weekend golfers & professionals. Tour wrap style cord grips have a soft, more sensitive rubber that lets you grip the club lighter, reducing forearm stress for a more effective swing. Its distinctive pattern moves to the right, stabilizing the hands at impact for less torque and increased control . The "#" design Cord's rubber compound is layered with a soft cord fabric, adding maximum traction to this grip for use in all weather conditions. Weight: 50(+/-2) Grams Core size: 0.58 Paint: No paint fill, won't stain your glove.

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Why spend big bucks when you can get a pro golf grip with just that right feel.

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