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Film Quarterly is a film journal published by University of California Press , in Berkeley, California , United States. It was first published in 1945 as Hollywood Quarterly , was renamed The Quarterly of Film Radio and Television in 1951, and received its current title in 1958. The ISSN is 0015-1386.

Film Quarterly is peer-reviewed, and publishes scholarly analyses of international cinemas, current blockbusters, Hollywood classics, documentaries, animation, and independent, avant-garde, and experimental film and video. The first issue of Hollywood Quarterly, in October 1945, marked the appearance of the most significant, successful, and regularly published journal of its kind in the United States. For its entire life, the Quarterly held to the leftist utopianism of its founders, several of whom would later be blacklisted. The journal attracted a collection of writers unmatched in North American film studies for the heterogeneity of their intellectual and practical concerns: from film, radio, and television industry workers to academics; from Sam Goldwyn, Edith Head, and Chuck Jones to Theodor Adorno and Siegfried Kracauer.
Hollywood Quarterly Vol 2 ..1946-7 " 3.. 1947-8 " 4.. 1949-50 " 5...1950-51
The Quarterly of Film Radio and Television Vol 6....19
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