#132 15c Edith Wharton #1832 USPS Commemorative Stamp Panel

15c Edith Warton Stamp
Block of 4
USPS Commemorative Stamp Panel
Stamp Scott #1832

Wrote of the social changes taking place in American at the turn of the Century.

It is one of the many attractive panels produced by the Postal Service.

The panel is in very fine condition and ready for your collection or framing for mounting on a wall in the home or office.

The first USPS Commemorative Panel was issued September 20, 1972 for the 8c Wildlife Issue Block of 4 (Scott #1464-67). Since then, nearly 1,000 different panels have been produced, one for almost every commemorative stamp issue for more than 40 years. Usually, a panel will bear two or three engravings, more or less related to the subject of the stamps. Most of the engravings are great art work. Along, with these engravings is a text that provides an interesting insight into the stamp's subject. There, is often information about the subject that will be not be found from any other philatelic source. The 8-1/2 x 11-1/4 inch panels are a great addition to a specialized collection. Many are attractively framed and on the walls, of CPAs, War Veterans, and Sports and Animal lovers.

As you know, or may discover, some USPS Commemorative Panels are easy to acquire and others are very difficult. This is no surprise, the situation is cause by

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