Medieval BREVIER-Handwriting Complex arranged HandwritingThe Netherlands area Flandern Book of Hours Virgin-Vellum (Skin unborn animals-goat, sheep, calf, horse) Flandern, around 1350!!! ** Netherlands-Flandern, around 1350 ** ** Netherlands Scriptorium- Masterpiece ** ** Museum-Handwriting ** ** Finest Pergament-Vellum ** ** Multicolored flower paintings ** ** Virgin-Vellum (Skin unborn animals-goat, sheep, calf, horse) ** Bible in Perl writing GOLD-RED-BLUE and YELLOW MINUSKELN Beautiful and singular Gothic-Handwriting Freshly natural colors Colored Minuskeln and Lombarden in gold,red and blue classities colored climbing work and hands ornaments GOTHIC MINUSKELN Double columns with in each case 14 lines The county Flanders was enough in the Middle Ages until far into the today's France inside. The region around Dünkirchen belongs to the traditional Netherlands language area, however since the French revolution French was ordered for the inhabitants as only office and school language, so that the Netherlands native language during a continuous language process was increasingly displaced. After the death of the last burgundischen King Karl the bold one in the battle with Nancy 1477 became its possessions between the habsburgischen ore duke Maximilian of Austria, the later emperor Maximilian I. and king Ludwig XI. divided by France. ... read more