Rare 1350g Natural Hetian Nephrite Jade Scarce Mineral

Rare 1350g Natural Chinese Hetian Nephrite Jade Scarce Mineral

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Hetian, located in the southwest of Xinjiang in Northwest China, is famous for its exquisite, pure white and flawless jade -- Hetian jade. Hetian jade has a history of more than 2,000 years, originating in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476BC). In ancient times, Hetian jade was transported into the Central Plains in batches and then engraved into all kinds of exquisite sacrificial vessels and jade ornaments.Through the ages, Hetian jade had been considered a priceless treasure.

Material: Precious Genuine Natural Hetian Jade Rough Mineral

Approx Dimension: 130 mm x 115 mm x 70 mm

Net Weight of Jade: 1350 g ( 3.00 lbs )

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Note: Color of item might deviate slightly in comparison to the original article d ue to differences in computer monitors and different lighting conditions.

A Chinese proverb attributes greater attachment to jade than to gold, as gold has value, but jade is invaluable!


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