138 Issues Disney Eyes & Ears Cast member newsletter

Eyes & Ears is the exclusive in-house newsletter for Walt Disney World cast members. As a former member of the media in the early 90's, I had many contacts that provided me with interesting things. These 138 newspaper size issues from February 1993 to December 1995. They include many interesting articles including exclusive information on Walt Disney World projects at the time like the Television Hall of Fame, New Tomorrowland, Marathon around the world, New look of the Land, Disney's Boardwalk, the All-Star Resorts, Tower of Terror, Wilderness Lodge, Disney Institute, Animal Kingdom, Celebration, plus many more. Also, Articles on upcoming Feature films, animated films, and videos, articles on company news and newsmakers, and even articles on Disney around the world. In addition to all this is a one paper "Extra" edition from June of 1995 that provides information on Disney's Wild Animal Kingdom and the plans to open it in 1998.If you find these type of items interesting, check out my other auctions.