13vintage tape measures Starrett Lufkin Disston Stanley

From the estate of a tool collector - this selection of 13 vintage tape measures/rules - I know the picture isn't the best, inquire if you would like additional photos.

Note, if the bidding for this lot DOES NOT exceed $10 I will withold the Starrett tape measure and keep it for myself, if the bidding takes the price over $10, it is included also.

is what is in the photo - all units are in good condition, except as noted:

From left to right, top to bottom

cloth measruing tape, the wind up handle says "FAVORITE 75" - it is worn, the end has separated from the cloth (it is visible sitting on top of the unit in the photo) - I unwound the tape and it seems to stop at 68 feet - don't know if it's tangled inside or what. DISSTON Carlson 50 ft Star Chief No 5?0 EVANS Tru Lok tape, 3/4 inch wide blade, 20 ft CKT 20y made in USA The LS Starrett Co, Athol MASS, No 504, 240 inches - wear on tape but quite usable/legible Mechanics Pal, 6 feet, made by WALSCO, ratcheting mechanism works well Another WALSCO round cased tape measure LUFKIN 96 inch rule, label says "COAST Federal Savings" 9th &Hill Bldg, Tucker 1351 (when was the last time you saw a phone number like that? must be at least 50 years old) DISSTON Carlson 50 ft Super Chief no 450 Stanley "Life Guard", wear on back side of tape Stanley - blue
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