14 Catholic STATIONS OF THE CROSS Pictures Prints LENT

Stunning Set of 14 STATIONS OF THE CROSS Catholic Pictures Prints

This is a beautiful set of pictures featuring Italian artwork seldom seen in the USA.

The coloring is rich and vivid. I do not know when these were originally made, but the style of artwork is very old and traditional. I have included closeup pictures of 11 of the 14 Stations. My last photograph shows the full set.

They were printed in Italy on thick cardstock and measure 8 2/3" x 11 2/3". T is a white border with gold around each picture with the actual picture itself measuring 7" x 9 1/2". The quality and detail is excellent. Each picture has the name and roman numeral of the station in english, as well as Italian and several other languages.

This wonderful set of the VIA CRUCIS or VIA DOLOROSA pictures includes:

I - Jesus is Condemned to death II - Jesus Carries the Cross III - Jesus falls the first time IV - Jesus meets His sorrowful mother V - Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry His cross VI - Veronica wipes the face of Jesus VII - Jesus falls the second time VIII - Jesus comforts the weeping women IX - Jesus falls the third time under the cross X - Jesus is stripped of His garments XI - Jesus is nailed to the cross XII - Jesus dies upon the cross XIII - Jesus is taken down from the cross XIV - Jesus is laid in the
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