14" Ganjawal Historic Kukri - Genuine Gurkha knife, Khukuri, Khukris, Machete



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Dealing in The Genuine Kukri directly from the Home Land Of The Gurkhas

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14" Ganjawal Historic Kukri

It is better to die than to be a coward……………Gurkha proverb!!

About 14" Ganjawal Historic Kukri:-
This is one of the traditional khukuri and EX-GURKHA KHUKURI HOUSE has endeavoured making this khukuri a modification. Here is a 14 Inch Ganjawal Historic Kukri knife that is handcrafted in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. It is a very old traditional khukuri design which derives it's name from the Ganjuwal village in far eastern Nepal. It includes the traditional karda(utility knife) & chakmak(blade sharpener). There is also a pouch behind the tools where flint powder is kept for starting fires. It has a VERY STRONG HIGHLY GRADED Carbon steel blade which is strong enough to cut wood or bone! The handle is made from Rosewood . It has a full tang which means the metal of the blade fully goes through the handle for maximum strength. As you can see it also has a beautifully decorated scabbard. This is the most beautifull khukuri we carry and it is also very usefull
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