14" Gold Catcher Deluxe Gold Pan - Prospecting, Panning, Mining - High Quality!

Whether you're a hobby prospector or serious miner, none of us can be without a GOOD QUALITY gold pan! These 14" Gold Catcher pans are not your typical cheap souvenier gold pans! They are excellent all around prospecting tools that are great for all kinds of uses such as sampling, cleaning up your concentrates or paydirt and just spending a lazy day prospecting out in the field! My wife even likes to use the pink ones (see our eBay store) as easter baskets!
These pans have been a prospector favorite for decades now! The "chinese riffles", or "gravity traps" on these pans are nice and extra deep making this pan great at recovering that yellow stuff we all love!
If you are interested in ordering 3 or more of these pans or plan on mixing and matching with our 14" pink pan or the 11" Gold Catcher II, send me a message for a special price! Remember, when out in the field or panning concentrates, using a 2nd pan as a "safety pan" is a must!
Buy with confidence! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! FREE SHIPPING! We will gladly accept returns on these pans for 14 days no questions asked. The pan must be in their original condition and un-used.
If you have any questions about these pans or prospecting in general, please don't hesitate to ask! I can also give you a link to a "How To" video on basic panning!
Be sure to "prep"
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